Little Life Box Review

Hi friends! :)

So I've been having a monthly visiter ever since January 2014.

And no, not THAT kind of monthly visiter! ;)

I actually get excited when this monthly visiter arrives at my doorstep the first week of every month! 

Little Life Box

Little Life Box is a monthly subscription box that promotes many healthy products for only $19.99 CAD plus $3 shipping! 

They pack their boxes full healthy, organic, and ecological products every month for their customers to try.

Some products are full size, while others are just samples. However, you definitely get more than what you're paying for. 

For me personally, I love shopping for organic whole foods and healthy snacks. I often shop at a variety of health food stores for my groceries. However, being a student on a VERY tight budget, I often purchase the same foods in fear of wasting my money on products that I do not enjoy. Because let's be honest, a lot of the healthy brands out there a not cheap!

This is where little life box comes in. For such a great price I get to try so many amazing products that I've either never heard of or I've really wanted to try.

What I also love about Little Life Box is that you can do a one month payment with NO commitment. This is the option I opted for in January. After being extremely satisfied I chose the 3 month plan till April and renewed for another 3 month plan! (I would have done a 6 month plan but I will be moving back to school in 4 months).

What was in this month's box?

  • Camino Fair Trade Chocolates (110g assortment of 12 chocolates) $13.99
  • Deep River Kettle Cooked Potato Chips (28g snack bag) $2.25
  • Might Leaf Tea (3 Varieties-I've received this tea in a previous box and LOVED them all) $3.95
  • Ener-C Effervescent Powdered Drink Mix (3 single serving varieties) $1.69
  • Brad King's Ultimate Calorie Burn (Full size bottle- I will need to research this product before I would consider taking it) $49.95 !
  • Natura Cappuccino Soy Beverage (200mL) $1.16
  • Maison Orphee Unrefined Toasted Sesame Oil (50mL-First cold-pressed) $2.34
  • Pure-le Natural Liquid Greens Mint (45mL bottle) $1.12
  • Efffi Gold Exclusive Emulsion for Smooth & Radiant Skin (2mL sample) $2.99 (This stuff is $74.99 for a 50mL bottle! Holy Moly!)
  • Sow Good 2 in 1 Natural Face & Body Polish (10mL sample) $0.36
  • Sumatran One Coffee Keurig Capsule (2 capsules) $1.67
  • GoGo Quinoa Puffed Cereals Cocoa (1 full serving packet-Been wanting to try this for FOREVER) $0.75
Estimated Total Cost: $82.22

As you can see, you get a lot of samples that range from healthy food products to skin care products. A lot of these brands are high quality and you definitely get more bang for your buck! I can still be a student on a tight budget while living in luxury ;)

I have yet to be disappointed from a box! I seriously love Little Life Box :D

I would definitely recommend signing up for Little Life Box. Like I said, you can go to their website and do a one month subscription without any commitment. But I warn you that you will love it and be addicted after that one month ;P

Hope the rest of your week is as fabulous as you!

~XoXo Britt


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