Color Me Rad Toronto

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!

I just got back from a great workout at the gym and I thought I should probably do a post since I 

haven't done one in a little while.

What's new with me?

Not too much, but there has been one event in my life that was just absolutely phenomenal!

I did a 5K Color Me Rad in Toronto on June 24 and it was so much fun!

This race is great! It's for all ages and all athletic abilities!

I saw very young children, teens, adults, and some elders as well.

Basically what it is, is a 5K run with different "colour" stations that "colour bomb" you with different colours!

You start with wearing a white shirt and by the end you look like a massive colour bomber!

Some proceeds go to the charity of choice in each city. In Toronto I believe that some of the proceeds 

went to help Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The cool thing is that you get all this gear to deck out in and run the race with spirit and pride!

They provide you with a cool t-shirt as a souvenir, Color Me Rad sunglasses and some awesome RAD 

temporary tattoos!

Now, careful with the tattoos as I did get a tan and it left quite the mark. I had RAD on my arm and

 thigh for week! But at least I didn't put it on my face!

I would definitely recommend this run for anyone who enjoys being active!

Like I said, it is for all athletic abilities. You can walk or run, just make sure you have fun!

And it isn't too hard to have fun at this event!

They pump you up so much with tons of music and live entertainment.

And at the end of the race, everyone picks up their own "Colour Bomb" for the finale colour throw!

 So if you're interested, check it out here to see if it is coming near you!

Have a great week!

~XoXo Britt


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