I've sort of been MIA for a while :/
So much has been going on in my life since I started this blog. I started and finished my first year of University!

I'm not going to lie, there were times when I thought about doing a post during the school year, but I just kept pushing it off. Eventually I got so wrapped up in meeting new people, going out, and studying that I didn't even bother making time to write a post.

I'm going to TRY to create a post AT LEAST once a week. I think it is good for me to write down what I've been up to lately.

I am also hoping to start vlogging on youtube. Not necessarily for the views but I feel that it gives me more of a push to do more in my life. 

You see, when you are putting something on camera, you want it to be exciting. Hence, you try to do more in the day and try to make the most of it.

I recommend it to all of you, even if you don't want to post it for the public to see.

Hopefully this blog and youtube thing can continue into the school year when I go back in September (Yes, I did pass all my courses with honours too! :D) so that I can keep my family updated with what is happening in my life.

OUT with the OLD and In with the NEW

During the year, I had one specific shoe that I just could not stop wearing.


Eventually, the fabric just could not hold my feet in any longer and they began to rip by the toes :(
I felt like Big Foot for a little while.

I've gotten a new pair since then, however I still wore my old TOMS.
Hoarder much?

I mean, they were my FIRST pairs of TOMS! I just love them!

So I thought I could tape them up, but that just looked ridiculous.

So I decided to give them a little makeover.

With some fabric, glue, and scissors, they looked brand spankin' new, and I can go on to wear them until more holes begin to form.

So here's what they looked like just before the "makeover".

What You Need:
- Fabric
- Fabric Glue
- Needle & Thread (Optional)
- Scissors
- Denim patches (or iron on patches)
- Old pair of TOM

1.   Trim any excess fabric around the holes of your TOMS

2.   Glue on denim fabric over the holes OR if you have iron on patches, iron them on (that's what I did)

3.   Cut out fabric to the size of front patch of the TOMS shoes. It is okay if the cut is a little big, you can just trim the excess later. It is better to have too much fabric than too little.

4.   You can use need an thread to hem the outer edges of the fabric for a cleaner finish if  you would like. Then apply the fabric glue to your TOMS and line up the fabric where you would like it to be.

5.   Set aside and allow to dry.

6.   You can also add fabric where ever you desire. I added it the the triangle part of the shoe and the backside for more detail :)

7.   Once glue has dried, trim any excess fabric and VOILA! You have a brand new pair of fashionable TOMS.

Hopefully I will have another post coming sometime soon!
If you want to check out my youtube and subscribe, CLICK HERE 
I hope to get that channel running soon!
Have a wonderful week!

~XoXo Britt


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