School, Ducks, and DIY

So we're just about half way through August which means it is almost time to start thinking about what I need to pack for school!

This has been going through my mind like crazy! I will be a freshman in 3 weeks!

I haven't packed much yet, just a few things.

These would include things like notepaper, pencils, highlighters, alarm clock...

Not much at all :P 
Oh! I did however buy myself a keurig <3 I do not know if i'd be able to survive a year without one of those!

It's a scary thought though...University...but it is also a very exciting thought.

I'm excited to meet new people, to start my future, and to have new experiences. But I'm also scared of leaving home and getting into unhealthy habits.

BUT mostly I'm excited!

I found a "College Checklist" on Pinterest and it just put me in the mood to start packing my room together.

As I was packing my mom was calling me downstairs to come to our backyard.

I was thinking "What now!?" 

It turns out there was a duck in our pool! So of course I grabbed the bread and started feeding it!

It was like living by a pond or creek or something.

Isn't he/she just adorable! Quack Quack!

But enough about that.

The real reason for todays post is just a little DIY.

As I was going through my room looking for things to take to school I came across a plain wooden tray and thought I would take that to put magazines in or any other uses really.

So I decided to paint it to give it a little extra "oomph"

I'm really into the whole antique looking furniture, especially antique white wood.

So that is what I aimed for.

What You Need

  • Wooden Tray
  • White Spray Paint
  • Brown or Gold Metallic Spray Paint
  • A Clear Coat

So I began with a plain wooden tray that I had from an old gift basket :)

Using a white spray paint, spray the entire tray until you cannot see any of the wooden colour.

Once dried, use a metallic colour to paint the corners to give the tray a type of border.
And about 2 feet away, start spraying the tray (One pump at a time) sparsely to get that antique look.
For the back I just mixed the white with the metallic colour on a paper plate and painted with a paint brush.
Once all is dry, spray the entire tray with a clear coat to give it a glossy and clean finish! 

Enjoy your Week!

Quack Quack ;)

Question of the Day: How do you get ready for getting back to school or work?

~XoXo Britt

P.S. New recipe soon! :) Sometime this week so stay tuned!


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