A Walk Along the Beach

I have some amazing news!

So my all time favourite show is Boy Meets World. Always has been and always will be!

I mean Corey and Topanga...How much cuter can it get!?!

Anyways, I am a follower of his on twitter, and like any fan I swoon over him!

Recently I tweeted him and he actually tweeted me back! I mean it may not seem like much, but I was 

head over heels when he responded back!

And yes...I was definitely the happiest girl on Earth!


So, today I had a nice beach picnic with a couple of friends.

We (and people in general) tend to go to the beach to relax from the day's stresses right?

Well, it was a bit more disturbing than usual.

First of all the day started off with bird plops on my Birkenstock sandals.

Not pretty...

But at least we were only seconds away from the water, which mean that those droppings were cleaned right off! 

NOW it was time to relax right?


As we walked along the beach we came across a dead carcass of a fish...

And only about 10 meters later we came across another...

Keep in mind that we had NOT eaten yet and our picnic was just miles away.

This just sort of killed the mood and our appetite to say the least, so we just continued to walk and thankfully the rest of the beach was just of sand, sand and sand. 


Our picnic was great, no pictures however...Sorry :(

We had some gluten free pasta with home made marinara sauce filled with veggies, along with water, 
potato salad, and fresh fruits and veggies!

Overall, the day was great! Full of...new adventures and findings :P

I hope everyone had a happy Thursday!

-XoXo Britt


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